Saturday, November 27, 2010


Snowy Saturday 17


Wow… Snow?!

Aww… It was amazing!

Snowy Saturday 39

I mean… I live in Ireland… Ireland!! We don’t expect snow in Ireland, let alone in November!

I woke up this morning and the first thing my tired little hungover head did was browse through Facebook. Everyone was shouting out about snow here and snow there! So I decided to look out my window, once, of course, I could sit up comfortably without a thumping head*, and there it was – snow!

And there was a cat…

Snowy Saturday 22

This isn’t my cat, of course. This is the new cat on the block that apparently steals my cat’s food and sneaks into the house… Cheeky, but oh so cute!!

And I took this photo…

Snowy Saturday 30


This weekend I’m at home in my parent’s house in Naas and having a great time! My Dad painted my bedroom last month and I’m just touching it up and painting the wardrobes and prettifying it for Christmassy Christmas times. I see chalkboard paint on the horizon… Ooh, exciting!

Has anyone else noticed that Christmas is only 4 weeks away?! It’s true!! I have so many ideas for handmaking and buying my family presents, but I just hope that I get them all made and bought in time… Eek!

Anyway, I’m rambling now… I should go and… Ooh, chocolate!!



*Em… That took about 15 minutes…

**I like the macro feature of my camera, I like it lots.

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Skuld said...

I know! I stayed in Dublin last night and was woken up during the night by epic hail; then the world was white when I woke up. Not so in Galway, though it is major cold. Hope you're having a nice weekend, x.

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