Saturday, November 6, 2010

Forgive me…

While I’m fixing up this lovely blog of mine…

I don’t think I have much of an eye for design. But hopefully, soon enough, it’ll be all pretty and nice and lovely!

Anyway, back to real life. The trip to Inis Mor was pretty amazing! We certainly walked and cycled enough to gain that award*. I think we did 50 km overall… Maybe I exaggerated a little bit in the last post with my 100 km… Realistically, I had no idea how much distance we had to cover. Oops!

We saw so much over the three days – high high cliffs, ring forts, archaeological sights, cows, seals. I’m pretty sure we covered the whole island**.

Here are some photos from the trip:

Cliffs Day One 21

Cliffs Day One 51

Day Two 25


Day Two 26

Day Three 24

And here are some sunset photos I took with my HTC Legend on the boat home. My camera battery had died and the sunset over the water was so pretty, so I figured as a last resort, I’d take some photos with my phone’s Retro Camera app. Surprised I was to see such lovely photos!

Sunset Boat 4          Sunset Boat 5

Sunset Boat 1

Sunset Boat 6

Sunset Boat 3

Sunset Boat 2

Yay for weekends!! I really love the work I do, being in the lab and in the office during the week… And that just makes the weekends so much more refreshing! Whether I’m relaxing, crafting, cooking, at home with my family or on a trip, I make my weekends count!

Kisses to all!


*And some

**31 km2

***A rock shaped like an angry old man face… Heehee!

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Skuld said...

Heehee....I laughed a lot when I looked back at the rock after reading your footnotes. Hope you're having a great weekend.

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