Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bad Kitty!!


As I mentioned yesterday, I have been painting my bedroom this weekend.

This morning, I got onto painting the windowsill with white gloss paint and I must say that I hate the stuff! It is not water soluble and really difficult to paint with.

Anyway… First coat done and I figure, I probably shouldn’t skip as many corners with this paint as I do with the matte paint I’m using for the walls. So I open the window and saunter downstairs for an hour’s relaxation.

Back upstairs after that hour and…

Bad Mittens 1

Uh oh… What is that on the carpet?!

Did I do that? I don’t think so… It looks sort of like… Like a paw print?


He snuck onto the kitchen roof over which my window looks, hopped in the window, walked all over the windowsill and then ALL OVER the carpet.

And thus, my carpet is stained. With white gloss paint. That will never come off.**

Here’s a close up of the evidence…

Bad Mittens 3

In other news, check this out…

November 28th 2010

It’s minus ten degrees (Celcius) outside in Kildare… I sure hope it’s warmer in Galway… Oh, please let it be warmer in Galway!


*Yes, I did name my cat Mittens… I was young and impressionable and all his paws are white… And they’re even whiter today!

**I know, I know, it will come off if I use white spirits and a lot of elbow grease. I find it easier to move the bed over the stain and not have to worry about it.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Snowy Saturday 17


Wow… Snow?!

Aww… It was amazing!

Snowy Saturday 39

I mean… I live in Ireland… Ireland!! We don’t expect snow in Ireland, let alone in November!

I woke up this morning and the first thing my tired little hungover head did was browse through Facebook. Everyone was shouting out about snow here and snow there! So I decided to look out my window, once, of course, I could sit up comfortably without a thumping head*, and there it was – snow!

And there was a cat…

Snowy Saturday 22

This isn’t my cat, of course. This is the new cat on the block that apparently steals my cat’s food and sneaks into the house… Cheeky, but oh so cute!!

And I took this photo…

Snowy Saturday 30


This weekend I’m at home in my parent’s house in Naas and having a great time! My Dad painted my bedroom last month and I’m just touching it up and painting the wardrobes and prettifying it for Christmassy Christmas times. I see chalkboard paint on the horizon… Ooh, exciting!

Has anyone else noticed that Christmas is only 4 weeks away?! It’s true!! I have so many ideas for handmaking and buying my family presents, but I just hope that I get them all made and bought in time… Eek!

Anyway, I’m rambling now… I should go and… Ooh, chocolate!!



*Em… That took about 15 minutes…

**I like the macro feature of my camera, I like it lots.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Forgive me…

While I’m fixing up this lovely blog of mine…

I don’t think I have much of an eye for design. But hopefully, soon enough, it’ll be all pretty and nice and lovely!

Anyway, back to real life. The trip to Inis Mor was pretty amazing! We certainly walked and cycled enough to gain that award*. I think we did 50 km overall… Maybe I exaggerated a little bit in the last post with my 100 km… Realistically, I had no idea how much distance we had to cover. Oops!

We saw so much over the three days – high high cliffs, ring forts, archaeological sights, cows, seals. I’m pretty sure we covered the whole island**.

Here are some photos from the trip:

Cliffs Day One 21

Cliffs Day One 51

Day Two 25


Day Two 26

Day Three 24

And here are some sunset photos I took with my HTC Legend on the boat home. My camera battery had died and the sunset over the water was so pretty, so I figured as a last resort, I’d take some photos with my phone’s Retro Camera app. Surprised I was to see such lovely photos!

Sunset Boat 4          Sunset Boat 5

Sunset Boat 1

Sunset Boat 6

Sunset Boat 3

Sunset Boat 2

Yay for weekends!! I really love the work I do, being in the lab and in the office during the week… And that just makes the weekends so much more refreshing! Whether I’m relaxing, crafting, cooking, at home with my family or on a trip, I make my weekends count!

Kisses to all!


*And some

**31 km2

***A rock shaped like an angry old man face… Heehee!

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