Thursday, October 21, 2010

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I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a blog for a long time now. I love, love, love reading blogs!! I have my favourites collected here in Blogger and all Feeds go to my Google Reader, which is pretty handy! I bookmark them all so that I can instantly access any blog and peruse it at my leisure.*

One of my best friends has a blog and I’d like to be able to do that thing where people who write blogs refer to their friends who also write blogs and link back to them. You know?

I have no idea what I’ll be writing about... Probably everything. You can check the "About Me" section to see what I'm interested in, which would probably give a good example of what I may be posting about. Maybe even after this post there’ll be no more ‘cause I realise that blogging isn’t for me. That’s alright... But honestly, hopefully not.

So for now, maybe I should tell you all** what I’m doing this Bank Holiday weekend, which is conveniently starting a day early for me! Yay, the weekend has started!!

I’m off to the Aran Islands and more specifically, Inis Mor*** I’ll be walking and cycling over three days and covering a distance of about 100 km. Why am I doing this? Not only because it'll be super fun and healthy all in one, but also to achieve my Silver Gaisce**** award.

I’m really excited about it! I love the Aran Islands, they’re so so beautiful and quaint. Here are photos from a trip I made to Inis Mor two years ago:


Well, it’s time to get some good sleep so I can be well rested for the ferry over in the morning... The water will be rough, the ferry will rock and I will not feel well.******


*More on these mystery blogs that interest me in later posts, by the way, I feel that some of them need more acknowledgement than a quick reference in my first post. Oh, how mysterious!

**All? Anyone out there? Hello?

***Inis is Irish for island and Mor means big.

****Gaisce means... Eh... A mixture of pride, bravery, achievement, etc... It’s one of those words that can’t translate exactly to English.

******My face is so white in this photo! I think it has something to do with being Irish and getting no proper sun all year.

*****I don't usually get sea-sick or even travel sick... But that ferry to the islands is killer!
(Heehee, linking is really fun! You may see a lot of that...)


Skuld said...

I'm breaking your comment virginity, woo! Looking forward to the next installment.

jannek said...

Hi Fiona, stumbled apon your blog. After reading your profile and your first post, I'm looking forward to future blog posts! (especially the knitting project :) I started mine for the same reasons. Between the first and second posts were a few months, but now I'm actually finding myself blogging on a weekly basis! Keep it up, it's fun! xo, janneke

Victoria said...

Congrats on the new blog! blessings.

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